Board, Inventor | Touring - All around
Board, Inventor | Touring - All around
Board, Inventor | Touring - All around
Board, Inventor | Touring - All around

Board, Inventor | Touring - All around

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Inventor | 12’ x 31” x 5.1” | Touring - All around

The ULI Inventor is leading the industry with innovation and design. It redefines the feel and the performance of an inflatable SUP and delivers a true hard board experience with all the benefits of an inflatable paddle board. 

The Inventor features a translucent wood grain woven drop-stitch. It has three layer carbon reinforced rails and stringers which improves rigidity and stability. The patented hard-edge wiki rail makes the Inventor as fast, stable and efficient as a hard board.

Woven Drop-Stitch Technology- superior rigidity & durability

Compared to the more traditional knitted drop-stitch, woven drop-stitch won’t stretch under pressure. The coated, super reinforced woven drop-stitch provides a tighter stitch pattern, allowing for a stiffer and more responsive board.

Board Features
    •    Action Camera Mount
    •    Cargo Bungee
    •    Insulated Sling Connector
    •    Center Carry Handle
    •    Diamond Groove Traction Pad
    •    3 Fixed Ultra Durable Fins
    •    Displacement Nose
    •    Reinforced Carbon Stringer
    •    Carbon side rails
    •    Kickpad
    •    Patented Wiki Rail

Complete Packaged Includes:
Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Oval Shafted 3-Piece Paddle
Electric Pump
Hand Pump
Wheeled Storage Backpack
Insulated Sling Bag
Cell Phone Dry Bag
Repair Kit

Board weight: 31 lbs
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

The Inventor inflatable stand up paddle board package has everything you will need for an on water adventure, including an oval shafted 3-piece paddle, 11-foot coil leash, wheeled storage backpack, insulated sling bag that integrates into the carrying handle, dual cylinder triple mode pump, and an electric pump for effortless inflation.